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Wanda At Large 

What happens when a rude comic becomes a television reporter? Laughs and hilarity abound in this comedy starring Wanda Sykes as Wanda Hawkins.

Wanda Hawkins, an outspoken standup comic, is never at a loss for words and has a voice that can't be ignored, especially when she gets on a roll about people and their bad attitudes. When wildly opinionated Wanda combines her razor-sharp intellect with a complete disregard for propriety, she sends shockwaves through the airwaves when hired as an on-air correspondent for a Washington, D.C. political talk show.

The character Wanda Hawkins doesn't pull any punches in her private life either, navigating the dating world while finding time to give her no-nonsense sister-in-law , who is raising two children, advice.
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